24 Hour only Blockbuster Special

24-Hour Cupid Special
A One day 24 hour Internet Cupid Specials Only for Footballfigures.com figurines at the lowest price ever of $.50 with a minimum purchase of $24.00! You must order ALL 24 figures which means a minimum of 48 figurines! This sale is different from any other sale in that this is strictly for Internet PAYAL customers only!

February Closeout Special

The other sale known as the February Closeout Special which feature combination low prices of decals and figurines. You get savings up to 75% on Footballfigures.com merchandise. Now is the time for many coaches to take advantage of the finest figures, decals, and player introductions in electric football.


$$$$ 24 Hour-Internet Sale $$$$
Begins: February 13th, 2004
Time: 8:00 pm

Ends: February 14th, 2004
Time: 8:00 pm

February Closeout Specials

The Evolution of the Bigger, Faster, Stronger and More Funtional Player
In the NFL, players are bigger, faster, and stronger than in the 60's, 70's,80's or 90's. Our players represent that shift in physicality and athleticism. When our players make a hit, it causes the "Wow Effect!". Our "Sprinter" pose is engineered to run faster than any other player on the field. Our "Anchor" pose has the ability to stop a speed rusher from getting up field. The "Dominator" runs through the line without getting turned around. The "Minister of Defense" is the most sold figure in our arsenal because coaches have found out it takes two or three players to control him! The "Blitzer" has been banned by leagues across the country because of his tremendous impact in passing leagues? Our players offer all these functions and many more-just ask! As owner of FF.COM (or any EFL company), it should be our duty to know everything about these players. Based on experimentation against other company's figures, I can definitely point out the advantages of FF.COM versus the others. You would not be serving yourself if you do not get the best and we think ours are second to none!

We know times are tough so that's why the prices for these sales are their lowest ever! Our internet customers have been our most loyal and that's important to us! So if you're thinking about it and wondering "Can I play with these in my league?" Well, force the issue to bring the best product into the league. If they dominate, they just dominate!

2 Bags of 24 Figures plus 2 Decal Sheets-$70.00

2 Team Sheets of Choice
Special Price of $70.00

You will receive two of every Football Figure's unpainted figurines available:

Click here for player image

Enter Teams for Decal Sheet
L=Light D=Dark Uniform

DECAL Buster

5 sheets of Decals for $100, 2 Free! That's a savings of $75.00! Get the Oklahoma Sooners home and away, the Memphis Maniax, the Birmingham Americans, the USC Trojans, the New England Patriots or create your own team! Why spend $35.00 on decals from companies that claim to have a "one of a kind" product. Let's be serious. Their decals are no better than ours
and we give you more bang for the buck!

5 Decal Sheets plus 2 Decal Sheets-FREE!!

7 Team Sheets of Choice
Regular price of $175.00

Special Price of $100.00

Enter Teams for Decal Sheet
L=Light D=Dark Uniform




You ever wondered how it would feel to hear the roar of 80,000 people, John Madden, Pat Summerall, the National Anthem being song by one of your favorite stars, players running onto the field, and your very own team ramp for players entering the stadium? Here's your chance! Footballfigures.com introduces its Players Ramp along with our CDs to our EFL/Miniarute Football buying public! Get the CD with such classics as the Power and Glory, Fox Theme music, John Madden, Pat Summerall, the introduction of the starting lineups for a low price of $25.00! Not only that, we will kick in the Player Tunnel Ramp where your Footballfigures.com stars can come running onto the field! Just the sound of this gets me pumped up! You will be too!

Player Introduction CD Special
Introduction Price $25.00
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