FOOTBALLFIGURES.COM will re-introduce its line of bases to the electric football community in the near future.

Because our goal is to create the highest quality product, we are taking every step to make sure that when our bases become available, they perform like world class athletes! We are looking towards late 2002 or early 2003 to re-introduce our line of bases. We ask that you continue to support our efforts by investing in other products so that we can invest in our own form of base technology for the good of all electric footballers.

The RSKILL Bases are design for RB, WR, and OLB positions. These are equivalent to the "rookie" bases and will be among the fastest and most stable bases.
The RTIGHTEND Base is a "boat base" which allows for sliding off of opponents. They can be used for defensive linemen, LBs, RBs, and LBs. Originally created for the TE, these bases can be employed on various players to allow for penetration in key situations. On figures with the Center of Gravity towards the middle, these bases are great weapons.
The RGREENPEG Bases are design for OLB. These are designed to be some of the fastest bases in the talent pool. These bases are "cousins" to the famed "Red Pegs".
This is the first generation of FOOTBALLFIGURES.COM linemen base. These bases will allow for holes to open laterally as well as with loops. Their purpose is to containment of speed rushers and influence block linemen. RLINEMEN1 will be geared toward lateral and straight-ahead movements. RLINEMEN2 will be utilized in straight-ahead blocking and pulling-type plays. They can also be used on zoning safeties.
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