Internet Marketers Really want to change your life

Have you heard Internet Marketers tell you about how they have made it and how they want you to make it too. You hear that their only goal is to change you life. So the question is why do they charge you nominal fee when they don’t need the money and they are trying to help you start you online business?

You get what you pay for mentality

The answer is really simple if you think about it. If they gave away all their money making systems you would do nothing with it, it would have no value to you. You are thinking I am crazy?

Let me give you an example, If you went to the Dollar Store and bought an item for .99 cents and it broke right out of the package what would you do? Me and most everyone else would just throw it away and think it was only a dollar I didn’t expect much from the product anyway.

However if you went to Saks and purchased a high dollar item and it broke you would go back and demand a replacement or some other compensation. You have more invested in the higher value product.

I know from personal experience the more I pay for information or a service the more I expect in return. If the product or service I paid good money for required me to do something, I would spend the time and effort to put in what is required for me to do to get the results out of whatever product or tool I paid for.

In the Beginning MONEY is what motivates you to a Online Business

Being successful in business online the biggest starting out motivation is to be financially successful. This motivation only gets you started in  your online business journey, money will not keep you motivated. Seeing other people being successful is refreshing and it gets the marketer more driven.

Each of us quickly find out that giving good information away is vital to any online success. It creates interest, traffic and buzz. Then once you build a relationship with these clients they tend to want to pay you for your services. Once the money comes in on how they become successful they give the HIGH DOLLAR secrets.