Are You Doing Whatever It Takes ?

I see headlines like this and I think really? If I was doing whatever it takes I would not be in the position I am in.

Most people starting out online want to do whatever it takes to be successful online. But I see most people get overwhelmed with information overload. I see emails people are sending to people wanting to start a business online with all kinds of hype one click to riches and the likes, it is really frustrating. They get their followers to start chasing the latest and greatest program and keep selling them online programs before they even get the basics of the programs they have already purchased up and running.

It seems it is a twofold issue.

1. People who want to start online want it NOW, and want it EASY.

2. Online Internet Marketers want to sell it to you NOW and they want it EASY.

Starting online can be simple, it can be easy, but it does take time. If you never had any online experience other than sending emails and playing online games, you have the skills that it takes to be successful online, however there is a learning curve everyone leaves out of their marketing equations.

Tools you need for online Success.

  1. Computer, internet connection. (if you are reading this you are good to go)
  2. Willingness to follow simple instructions.
  3. Being prepared to do something you have never done before and understanding there is a learning curve.

Things that will give you more flexibility online.

  1. Website.
  2. Email List.
  3. Social Media circles.

Getting your website up and running is the primary tool all people who are doing business online. It doesn’t have to be complicated or pretty. It just needs to be created and tweaked. Building a website does not automatically mean you will get tons of traffic or the absolute key to internet riches, but it is a start.

Email List – having a email list is a quick start to you driving traffic to your particular website or internet product you are wanting to sell.

Social Media – Facebook, Google Plus, Squidoo Lens and countless others will help you get traffic to your website and your product offering.