Making Money online and the truth that is never told.

The Truth in making Money in an Business online and other Online Business Stories

You can make money online and you can do it.

There is no denying that internet marketing and having a business online is a inexpensive way to make extra money and create a full time revenue source. If done right it will start growing and creating income with little interaction (sweat blood and tears).

Internet Marketing has an “interesting” reputation. There are countless untruths about internet marketing, and in this post I will uncover the negative ones to look out for and you will be able to see the incorrect marketing tactics on your own. Hopefully I can give you some real understanding about what is need to make money in you online business.

How many times have you seen “One Click to Riches” or ”I made 15,000.00 over night with this system”. If you haven’t seen them, then you haven’t been trying to start a business online ;).

Keep things in perspective when starting your online business.

Let’s have a quick reality check. If you really want to make money online and be successful in internet marketing it requires study and work. Not saying that making money online is hard, it just requires some “sweat equity” as I like to call it.

If the truth be told of these untold riches hype, internet marketing, the only money being made is from the person selling you the product. Don’t get me wrong I have personally seen and been a part of 50k dollar sale days, but the prep and work put into to a successful campaign took days sometimes weeks. But once it launched it was a one touch button cash windfall.

There are many free resources and golden nuggets of information all over the internet that will help you make money online and get your business up and running. In very rare occurrences can you make money online with no financial investment.

In simple terms, time equals money if you want to save time and speed up some of the process of getting your business online up and running, but it costs money. If you have more time than money be prepared to work harder and do more things you have never done before. It can be done, but it will take some time.

At the very least of your expenses you will have:

  • Domain Name around 10.00 annually
  • Hosting for your website it varies 4.95 – 10.00 a month.
  • Autoresponder free to 20.00 a month

You will need an autoresponder so you can contact your clients and potential customers about products and services. There are some free ones available and some free trials but they usually charge by the email name or a flat monthly fee around 20.00.

There are several tools out there to invest into depending on your niche and what you are trying to accomplish in your online business and those prices vary.

So there are no surprises, be prepared to spend some money to make money online.

One of the other misunderstood ideas is that you need to purchase everything from another “guru” or mentor. It is a hard choice because you want your online business to grow and to grow quickly. Since you mentor or other Internet Marketer suggested the product or they use it personally you need to use constraint when receiving these offers because you can get into a “dog chasing his tail” routine. You have all kinds of products and tools but you are still trying to digest the first product and really haven’t fully utilized it to its potential.

You could be wasting money and time chasing the “latest” and “greatest” that just hit the market. You only have so much time to devote to a product or system so pick and choose, what you think will benefit you at that moment. One Step at a time is the stay the course or system. If you jump from one product to another without making any money or having a product unfinished to be left on the computer to die, will get you information overload and you will get frustrated and stop. When you stop it is always harder to get going again and you lose precious time.

So recap:

  • A steadfast work ethic to get your business online up and running.
  • A reality gut check, in most cases it will not happen overnight. Be realistic in your goals and learning curve of success.
  • You have to invest money to make money online.
  • Time verses Money (sometimes it is good to invest in tools and education to speed up your success curve)
  • Avoid “the one click million dollar” method type hype. Hype is good and it gets attention, just make sure there is steak with that sizzle.
  • Find a Coach/Mentor that you feel comfortable with their teaching styles and business techniques.
  • Stay focused on your prize, and ask questions and get help from your mentors.

You already have to computer technical tools to be a success online. You have to make the effort and your mentor and coach should be more than willing to answer questions to point you in the right direction. You have to make the journey and do the work it requires, but you do not have to do it alone.

Internet Marketers Really want to change your life

Have you heard Internet Marketers tell you about how they have made it and how they want you to make it too. You hear that their only goal is to change you life. So the question is why do they charge you nominal fee when they don’t need the money and they are trying to help you start you online business?

You get what you pay for mentality

The answer is really simple if you think about it. If they gave away all their money making systems you would do nothing with it, it would have no value to you. You are thinking I am crazy?

Let me give you an example, If you went to the Dollar Store and bought an item for .99 cents and it broke right out of the package what would you do? Me and most everyone else would just throw it away and think it was only a dollar I didn’t expect much from the product anyway.

However if you went to Saks and purchased a high dollar item and it broke you would go back and demand a replacement or some other compensation. You have more invested in the higher value product.

I know from personal experience the more I pay for information or a service the more I expect in return. If the product or service I paid good money for required me to do something, I would spend the time and effort to put in what is required for me to do to get the results out of whatever product or tool I paid for.

In the Beginning MONEY is what motivates you to a Online Business

Being successful in business online the biggest starting out motivation is to be financially successful. This motivation only gets you started in  your online business journey, money will not keep you motivated. Seeing other people being successful is refreshing and it gets the marketer more driven.

Each of us quickly find out that giving good information away is vital to any online success. It creates interest, traffic and buzz. Then once you build a relationship with these clients they tend to want to pay you for your services. Once the money comes in on how they become successful they give the HIGH DOLLAR secrets.


Getting the Most From Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a tried and true staple of Online Business. Affiliate Marketing has been around almost as long as the Internet itself. It is usually one of the first things Internet Marketers go after in starting their online business.

When you are getting your website up or you already have a website and looking to monetize the site Affiliate Links are the way to go.

Affiliate Marketing is not for everyone, when you get into affiliate marketing you need the following skills and understanding:

  • Patience
  • Perseverance

Those two things will determine the success you have in Affiliate Marketing. When those two skills go hand in hand you will succeed and succeed big in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing can be accomplished in many different ways.

  • Ads on your Website
  • Email Marketing
  • Blogs
  • Social Media like Twitter and Facebook and etc
  • Newsletters

How to find the right Audience for Affiliate Marketing to work.

  • Start out in forums for our niche market – don’t start spamming the boards with your great this or that on you website, just be a good member and interact with the board as you see where you can contribute.
  • Add  a link to website in the signature line so when you post comments or questions they can see your link.
  • Make sure you are providing relevant content and your website is complimentary to the audience. I mean snow shoes in a swimwear board will not fit. J

These simple steps are easy to follow to get the end result you want. More traffic.

While doing this can be quite time consuming, it will pay off. Gain the other members trust, and you cannot go wrong.

Article Submission

The next way you should think about is article marketing, writing articles in the niche you are promoting and then put the articles in ezines and article directories is a good way to get the most out of Affiliate Marketing.

Make sure that you include an Affiliate link in the articles that you are submitting that will lead the readers back to your website. Utilize the author boxes in the profile and maximize the limits of the information you can put into the authorship box.

Write different versions of the articles that you will submit, duplicate content in articles is frowned upon and can get your article removed from the site.

Affiliate marketing is something that takes time and work. You cannot just set it and forget it, it needs constant tweaking. It will produce good revenue in the long run, remember the two tools you need.

Too and Mentors

There are a lot of great free tools to help you in your affiliate marketing. If you are going to pay for coaching use big names in the industry and do research on the coaches and mentors.

Are You Doing Whatever It Takes ?

I see headlines like this and I think really? If I was doing whatever it takes I would not be in the position I am in.

Most people starting out online want to do whatever it takes to be successful online. But I see most people get overwhelmed with information overload. I see emails people are sending to people wanting to start a business online with all kinds of hype one click to riches and the likes, it is really frustrating. They get their followers to start chasing the latest and greatest program and keep selling them online programs before they even get the basics of the programs they have already purchased up and running.

It seems it is a twofold issue.

1. People who want to start online want it NOW, and want it EASY.

2. Online Internet Marketers want to sell it to you NOW and they want it EASY.

Starting online can be simple, it can be easy, but it does take time. If you never had any online experience other than sending emails and playing online games, you have the skills that it takes to be successful online, however there is a learning curve everyone leaves out of their marketing equations.

Tools you need for online Success.

  1. Computer, internet connection. (if you are reading this you are good to go)
  2. Willingness to follow simple instructions.
  3. Being prepared to do something you have never done before and understanding there is a learning curve.

Things that will give you more flexibility online.

  1. Website.
  2. Email List.
  3. Social Media circles.

Getting your website up and running is the primary tool all people who are doing business online. It doesn’t have to be complicated or pretty. It just needs to be created and tweaked. Building a website does not automatically mean you will get tons of traffic or the absolute key to internet riches, but it is a start.

Email List – having a email list is a quick start to you driving traffic to your particular website or internet product you are wanting to sell.

Social Media – Facebook, Google Plus, Squidoo Lens and countless others will help you get traffic to your website and your product offering.